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I’m so glad you’re here.

I’m a Somatic Transformational Coach and Breathwork Guide to humans who want to life a life that ignites their soul, while making the world a more beautiful place. I've worked with thousands of people who want to free themselves from unconscious blocks and have the power to create a life inspired by their heart's truth. 

I may not personally know you yet, but I know this: You’re here for depth, connection, joy & aliveness. Instead of just scratching the surface, you want to suck the bone marrow out of life and have a great time doing it! 

You’re ready to liberate old patterns keeping you at arms distance from the life, love and impact you came here to live -- all while making the world more beautiful through your unique gifts.

As someone who’s experienced decades of shame and self-loathing after being the driver of a deadly car accident, I have a unique understanding of what it means to turn pain, unworthiness and chronic anxiety into radical self acceptance and audacious self expression. And every step of the way, expanding my capacity to create an extraordinary partnership with my beloved of 8 years, step into greater service and impact for both people and the planet...and doing it all from a grounded foundation of trust, confidence and freedom.

I’m here to support you in embracing your radiant wholeness through a transformational body based framework so you can feel the day-to-day joy and fulfillment that comes from living a life that makes your heart sing.

Because our world needs your unique expression as we co-create a thriving, regenerative, life-affirming planet for us all.

I stand for your greatest potential.


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"Working with Aine has been such a blessing. Breathwork itself is the most transformational healing one can experience, but Aine takes it to an even higher level. Her soothing voice is a guide that connects you to your soul. Thank you Aine for being such a gift and for being instrumental in my healing journey!"

Tina Marie