Breathe & Breakthrough

1:1 Breathwork Program

Take your practice even deeper with personalized one-on-one support


“I have a dozen plus years of therapy under my belt, have tried anti-anxiety medications, have consumed countless self-help books
and explored many spiritual practices with little appreciable change to my baseline level of happiness. The ONLY thing that has worked is Aine's breathwork method.

Marcus S.

Benefits of an ongoing Breathwork practice: 


✔ Go beyond the familiar, self defeating patterns that are holding back your growth, and get NEW results in your life

✔ Get at the root of anxiety and depression by awakening your body's innate healing capacity

✔ Actually FEEL profound levels of self-love, confidence and joy in your body and nervous system 

✔ Release chronic physical tension and reduce pain so you can enjoy being fully in your body

✔ Improve your sleep and get the restorative rest you need to THRIVE every day

✔ Feel less reactive to people and situations and become more RESILIENT to life's challenges (for example, experiencing a supportive expression of your anger instead of burning bridges, avoiding "negative" emotions at all costs, or ruminating in your head for days and spinning out in anxious loops) 

✔ Get access to a higher quality of energy and VITALITY! Bring this into your relationships, career and leadership and watch them flourish

✔ Improved respiratory health and boosted immunity

This is for you if:

✔ You’ve experienced breathwork with me, and desire help with a regular practice to keep you consistent and accountable

✔ You want to go deeper in your breathwork practice, but need a little extra loving guidance and safety to fully surrender into the transformation

✔ You desire to build more confidence and skill so you can eventually have your own regular breathwork practice at home


Restore the power of your breath

“In 2019 I was in a car accident and felt I couldn't breathe correctly after the accident, but after our breathwork session tonight my lungs re-opened and I was able to reach that spot that needed the breath and oxygen. Thank you so much.”

Cynthia Arnlond

Get better sleep 

“As a founder and a new mother in a pandemic, I'm frequently stressed and struggle with sleep. After a breathwork I feel so much more relaxed. I rarely sleep through the night, but after a breathwork session, I always wake up feeling refreshed.”

Nathalie Walton

Find clarity on any issue

“Breathwork with Aine helps me stay accountable to my goals and clarifies solutions to problems in my life. I always walk away with so much more insight and clarity on my next steps.”

Nikkos S.

How we work together:

  1. Ground at the start of each session with guided meditation 
  2. Explore current challenges and choose a specific goal or intention for the session
  3. Breathe accompanied by music, live instruments and verbal guidance 
  4. Integrate and weave it all together

LOCATION - Sessions default as virtual, so you can practice from anywhere in the world all within the comfort of your own space. If you are local to the bay area and able to travel to Mill Valley, in-person sessions may be available.  

TIMING - All sessions are 90-minutes (1.5 hours) 


3 Months of bi-weekly (2 x month) Personalized 1:1 Breathwork Sessions



6 months of bi-weekly (2 x month) Personalized 1:1 Breathwork Sessions



6-Month Integrative Coaching + Breathwork Program


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