Shoutout to Restlessness

Mar 31, 2023
Shoutout to Restlessness

Shout out to that feeling of restlessness.

That itchy, tinge of anxiousness

That part that races for more busy

and more




More more MORE

The mind constantly spinning on all the things you “should” be doing

but never quite catch up

The to-do list like an endless news feed scroll


You wonder…

Is this all there is?

The “IG perfect” life you’re secretly begging to escape from

We’re not meant to hate Mondays.

We’re not meant to live only for the weekends.

We’re meant for SO much more.

To get feral, barefoot ,muddy, dirty, messy.

To sing completely out of range or tune in company bc it just feels damn good to belt one out

To try the new pottery making hobby for no other reason than delight

To courageously share your real desires for deeper soul-level intimacy with your partner

To bring back wild, sacred rituals and rites of passage for your community (that our ancestors did, but have been forgotten)

To go in and actually feel the emotion all the way through, knowing that the steady light of loving awareness holds the key to lasting transformation and freedom

To remember that no matter what your question, query, dilemma or concern the answer is always,


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