$2,328 USD

ALIGN - 3 Month Breathwork Program

2 x 90 Minute (1.5 hour) Monthly Personalized LIVE Zoom Breathwork Sessions w/ Aine

Sessions are designed for use weekly or bi-weekly for deeper transformation, however can be spread out if needed.


“I have a dozen plus years of therapy under my belt, have tried anti-anxiety medications, have consumed countless self-help books and explored many spiritual practices with little appreciable change to my baseline level of happiness. The ONLY thing that has worked is Aine's breathwork method.” -Marcus S. 

"Transformational is the right word for the work. Throughout the session I felt like I was set free. I experienced a higher aspect of my identity. The clothes of a damaged ego were removed." - Andrew D.

"This is the most healing and transformative experiences I've had on my journey thus far. I'm in continuous awe of the sacred container and facilitation you lead." - Emily L.